Welcome to the Florida Department of Transportation's Polk Rail Study website. This website provides information about the project status, public outreach, alternatives considered and other project related information. The study began in March 2012. Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the study concluded in September 2014. The study conclusions and recommendations are documented in the Summary of Alternatives Analysis Report.

Project Overview

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) initiated the Polk Rail Study to identify the best solutions for regional freight movement through Polk County while minimizing community and environmental impacts. The Polk Rail Study evaluated potential improvements such as rail relocation options, other rail and signal improvements, as well as roadway, pedestrian and bicycle improvements. Any proposed changes affecting freight rail operations are subject to CSX and Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) review and concurrence.

Project Purpose and Need

The purpose and need guiding the Polk Rail Study include:

  • Improving regional freight and highway mobility and connectivity
  • Enhancing rail safety and operations throughout Polk County
  • Minimizing existing and future freight rail impacts to urban areas and the environment
Project Location Map

This map shows the project site limits extending from Coleman, FL encompassing the Green Swamp and extending down to Barstow, FL.